The major activity of this wing is to procure milk from the farmer members of the Districts and also to provide necessary technical input facility to them. The procurement is carried out by forming village level Milk Producers’ Cooperative Societies.

Procurement Data: as on October, 2008 Description Madurai District Theni District
1 Total No. of functioning MPCS 484 369
2 Total Members enrolled 38865 37180
3 No. of MPCS under veterinary Animal health coverage 274 190
4 No of women MPCS 76 100
5 No. of MPCS under AI Coverage 318 192
6 No. of Women members 14556 16461

Yearly Average Procurement per day from 1991

Year Average (LPD)
1991 76140
1992 69350
1993 82416
1994 87707
1995 90817
1996 82598
1997 72736
1998 76498
1999 94149
2000 100055
2001 124839
2002 118998
2003 120539
2004 153268
2005 184135
2006 205176
2007 218785
2008 240875

Formation of MPCS

The salient features are:

  1. The village should not have any, already existing functioning MPCS
  2. Minimum required members are 50
  3. 33 % reservation should be given to Women in the elected board of 11 members.
  4. The MPCS should be registered by Deputy Registrar (Dairying) of the concerned District.

Procurement of MILK:

  1. Procurement of milk from members is based on quality of the milk.
  2. The poured milk is tested for its Fat and Solid Non Fat% content.
  3. Based on the quantity poured and on the quality ( contents of Fat% and SNF%), payment to the producers are made.
  4. Present procurement price to society is Rs.108.30 / Kg. of total solids.

The milk procurement is carried out through

  1. Formation of Village level Coop Societies.
  2. Convincing the Farmers to pour milk to Co-operative to fetch higher price.
  3. Year round Milk collection from the societies’ door step by milk collection routes
  4. Educating the farmers on Animal management, infertility and feeding management.
  5. Maintaining the book of accounts at the society level.
  6. The procurement price is calculated and given to the farmers based on the chemical quality of milk i.e. Fat and Solid Non Fat.
  7. Payments to the producers are effected once in 10 days by the Union . Monthly payment - nearly 9crores – to the rural villages.

Technical input and services offered

  1. Free veterinary healthcare to animals of the producer members of this organisation. This service is provided by operating 8 Nos. of Mobile veterinary routes covering 420 Societies in the District. The veterinarians visit the societies at a scheduled time, every week and treat the animals in the village itself.
  2. Free De worming of all calves.
  3. Emergency veterinary service on call at a reasonable charge of Rs 25.00 per visit even to remote village.
  4. Door step Artificial Insemination service in 503 villages.
  5. Supply of cattle feed at a reasonable price.
  6. Bull production programme by selecting good quality cows and inseminating with a proven bull and the expected male calf is selected for semen production. The farmer is given good price for his male calf.
  7. Progeny testing scheme.
  8. Arranging of loans from nationalized banks to purchase animals.

Training centre:

The Union is running a training centre to train the society level employees as well as the farmers. The training programs conducted are

  • AI & FA Training - 30 days
  • UDC Secretary Training - 30 days
  • Milk Tester Training - 5 days
  • UDC Refresher Training - 5 days
  • BMC Training - 5 days
  • AI Refresher Training - 5 days
  • MACom Training - 5 days
  • CMP Training - 3 days (DCS employees)
  • CMP Training - 2 days ( Members )
  • Farmers Orientation Programme - 1 day
  • Dairy Animal Management Training - 2 days
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