Madurai Aavin enjoys a 65% share amongst the organized sector in sachet milk sales. Marketing of milk is carried out through 6 channels.

  1. Milk Parlour : 32
  2. Milk depots : 481
  3. Institutions : 49
  4. Retail selling agents : 443
  5. Dropping point concessionaries : 132
  6. Self Help Group : 3


Year Average LPD
1992 81249
1993 89482
1994 98326
1995 95926
1996 93262
1997 88064
1998 91863
1999 88928
2000 84131
2001 83530
2002 77339
2003 93154
2004 113502
2005 132317
2006 150716
2007 155081
2008 179982

Marketing: Varieties of Milk sold are:

Type of Milk Pack size ( Ml ) Fat % SNF %
Toned Milk (TM) 500 3.0 8.5
Standardised Milk (SM) 500 4.5 8.5
Standardised Milk (SM) 250 4.5 8.5
Premium Milk (PM) 250 4.5 9.0
Full cream milk (FCM) 1000 6.0 9.0
Premium Milk (PM) 1000 4.5 9.0
Double Toned Milk 500 1.5 9.0

Milk cards are sold to consumers against the payment of cost of milk for a month in advance.

Rs.1.50 Per litre is given as discount for card holders.

Monthly card scheme is available for Standardized Milk, Premium Milk and Toned Milk.

Special Orders:

  1. Special orders are booked in advance for special occasions like marriages, Festivals etc.
  2. Door delivery In time is ensured irrespective of the quantity ordered.
  3. We charge of Rs.0.50/Litre extra for special order.

Appointment of Concessionaires:- Parlours:-

Parlours are special type structures of 12’ x8’ feet size. This is owned by Aavin. It has all facilities such as electricity, refrigerators, and Deep freezers. To appoint a concessionaire to this, a security deposit of Rs.5000/= has to be paid.


8’ x 6’ size depots are installed at various places in the city. This does not have electricity connection. Concessionaires are appointed based on their sales potential. They have to pay a security deposit of Rs.5000/-


Small petty shop owners or those who own shop or own place will be appointed as retail selling agents. The security deposit is Rs.1000.00. They are also eligible to sell our milk products on payment of Rs.2000.00 additionally as Security Deposit.

Dropping Point Concessionaire:

Anybody who is willing to sell milk can become a Dropping Point concessionaire (DPC) by paying Rs.1000.00 as security deposit. Milk will be supplied at their door steps as specified where depots / parlours do not exist. DPC’s are also eligible to sell our bye-products on remitting additional Security Deposit of Rs.2000/-. Dropping point Concessionaires (DPC) are not entitled to sell card milk. But based on the good performance of the DPC, they may be converted as Depot Concessionaire.

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Independence day speech by our Respected General Manager
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