Best Quality Products

Best Quality Products

Quality control in the Dairy Industry is essential to ensure that the consumer, the ultimate recipient of the products gets in an acceptable condition without adulteration of any kind and thereby safeguarding their health and aesthetic sense.

The Quality Control laboratory in Madurai Dairy is equipped to analyse and evaluate the quality of milk and milk products both chemically and bacteriologically.  A system of quality checking has been drawn up and followed at every stages of production,  processing, storage and marketing with a view to assess and improve the quality in conformity with the stipulated standards laid down in “Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, Indian Standard Institution”. Agmark and weights and measure Act.

The milk on its receipt from the various cooperative societies is accepted by screening organoleptically (colour taste flavour etc.) and subjected to chemical and bacteriological analysis.  As we make payment on the basis of quality, milk from each source is tested for its fat and solid non fat content.  In respect of Buffalo milk, the payment is made on the basis of kilo fat and for cow milk on total solids basis.

The raw milk reception is computerized and the farmers are made known, the milk rate and Quantity of milk supplied on the next day itself.  The milk cost payment is also done by computerised billing to avoid delay.  The bulk raw and pasteurized milk from chilling center and other Districts are subjected to Metheyline Blue Reduction test to assess the hygienic quality and keeping quality in addition to the fat and SNF, Acidity,  Roselic Acid test (for Neutralizer) etc.  If the quality of incoming milk is found to be poor, the fact is being immediately brought to the notice of the production personnel to take immediate steps to process the milk in priority and informed the source concerned to take immediate remedial measures to rectify the problem.

The milk thus received is pasteurized, Homogenized standardized and packed for marketing.  During these stages, series of quality check is being carried out to check the efficiency of the pasteurization Homogenization correctness of the standard and its keeping quality.

The various by products like butter, skim milk powder, ghee, butter milk, curd, flavored sterilized milk, khoa, mysorepa and Aavin Jamun are subjected to strict quality control checks at different levels of production and storage and all concerted efforts are being taken to ensure that the products thus manufactured confirm to the standards prescribed by the prevention of food adulteration act, Indian Standard and Agmark.

 In addition to this, the strength of Acid and detergents used for cleaning, boiler feed water, packing materials such as cartons, tins etc. cleaning efficiency of cans, storage tanks and other equipments, temperature of deep freezes, cold room are being checked at periodical intervals and reported to the concerned for taking remedial measures.

The packed milk (sachets) and the market milk are tested for its keeping quality and other chemical components.

Madurai Aavin Milk have been tested at CFTRI (Centre for Food Technology Research Institute)  for the residuals of pesticides, heavy metals and Aflatoxin and the certificate shows they are all below the detectable limit.

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